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Patient Participation Group

Every GP Practice is required to have a group of patients who meet regularly with the practice management and clinical staff to represent patients’ views and suggest possible improvements: a Patient Participate Group or PPG.

At Heswall & Pensby Group Practice, we have an established, proactive and dynamic PPG which is highly valued by the Practice.

Our PPG Mission Statement is as follows:

To promote and develop communication between patients and the practice to support the delivery of best quality primary health care


  • By developing, fostering and maintaining a regular and positive relationship between the Practice, PPG and patients
  • By advising the Practice on the patient perspective and providing insight into the responsiveness and quality of services
  • By being a critical partner to the practice
  • By acting as a channel in communicating to patients’ information on the help available, support groups and networks
  • By encouraging health education/promotion activities within the Practice


We have a Steering Group or Committee to provide structure and direction: this group meets every two months with the Practice Manager and one of the GPs in attendance. The body of members are kept informed of activities and developments in a regular Newsletter via email.

Activities are organised by ad hoc Task Groups in which all members are encouraged to participate. Once a year there is an Open Meeting to which all members are invited.


  • We help to put together and conduct the annual patient survey
  • We have a Notice Board in the foyer, regularly updated to cover topical areas of interest
  • We actively support service developments within the Practice such as Patient On-Line Access to web based services and Care Navigation
  • We attend local health related seminars and events
  • We help to produce information for patients such as a list of local services and a booklet with details of local organisations supporting carers
  • We are developing links with fellow PPGs from other GP Practices within our local Primary Care Network


There are many developments taking place in local health services, many of which concern GPs and Primary Health Care. It is important that patients have a chance to make their voice heard and influence what happens at their Practice. The energy and interest of an active Patients Group can help the Practice through the process of change and help to ensure the best outcome for all.

Anyone who is a registered patient at Heswall & Pensby Group Practice can become a member of the PPG. We strive to create interaction between all groups of our patient population and would like to hear your views. If you have suggestions about what areas of interest or health awareness events you would like us to promote, or if you like the sound of what we do, please leave your name, phone number and email address at Reception, or email us at heswallpensbyppg@gmail.com

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